How To Make Solar Panels

The question of how to make solar panels gets asked fairly often around here. You can make your own solar panels from scratch quite easily these days even if you have never done it before. Of course it's always good to have a manual. To help you save time and effort we have gone ahead and reviewed nearly 20 different guides on how to make solar panels and picked the top 3. Our primary judging criteria was based on the level of detail, support and simplicity of each product. We recommend you look at the following:

GreenPoweredHome #1) GreenPoweredHome (Click Here)
Out of the 20 guides we went through there is one that really stood out and that's the GreenPoweredHome guide.

Most noticeably this guide is very simple to understand and use. Furthermore it perfectly details every step of how to make your own solar panels from scratch but in such a way that it is easy to grasp for a complete beginner.

Aside from the excellent step-by-step instructions this guide comes with a video library detailing every step of how to make your first solar panel. The videos that are included make the process that much easier for those just starting out. Last but certainly not least there is the 60 day money back guarantee which makes this guide risk free for anyone wanting to try it out.

Our Professionals Give It: 5 star review

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Other Guides To Help You Make Your Own Solar Panels

There are two more DIY solar panel guides that we think are good. They don't have the same level of detail or simplicity as our number one pick but they are still great for the beginner who is looking to complete a solar panel from start to finish with relative ease.


#2 HomeMadeEnergy
Scored: Four Stars

This is another good product that includes great instructions and videos to make the process both fun and easy. Even though it's not as refined as the above product we still found that everything needed to complete a solar panel was included and the instructions were simple enough for those less tech-savvy.

At the end of the day this guide proves to be one of the better of the batch that we reviewed. Regardless of your experience level you will find it helpful with making your own solar panels.

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Click Here for the Green DIY Energy Guide

#3 Energy2Green
Scored: Four Stars

One last guide worth mentioning is Energy2Green which includes very detailed instructions and a lot of material. We found some of the pages to be a bit less than clear but nothing that couldn't be figured out. When we emailed support with our test questions they were able to answer them accurately, however, it did take nearly a week to hear back.

The videos here were also good but they were a bit short and could have used more examples. Regardless, this is still a quality product and you'll find the information here more than adequate.

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Did You Know?

There is no need to pay $10,000 to $20,000 for retail solar panels if you are willing to do it yourself. The solar panels you can make with the guides we listed are the same high quality solar panels that retailers sell at excessively marked up prices in stores. You can finally stop relying so heavily on your electric company by creating your own clean renewable energy. It is absolutely possible to slash your monthly electric bill by 80% or even eliminate it completely. Click the link below to learn more...
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Last Updated In: October 2011